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 Now's the time to touch a star

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Now's the time to touch a star   September 12th 2011, 19:17


Long ago, man looked up into the sky,
Wondering what, and questioning why.
In that distant past, a journey was born
That's taking us far, far from home.

We looked and we thought and we planned out our trip,
But fearing our reach exceeded our grip.
To the Moon and beyond went our starry-eyed gaze,
To places we never had known.

Now's the time for us to touch a star.
If we want to learn, we must travel far.
There is much to see, so we must still explore
To find out just what there are heavens for.

Our telescopes gave us the power to see
Places where someday we hoped to be.
Planets and stars came into our view.
We wondered how far we could go.

Our rockets were launched
And with them our dream
Of exploring the places we only had seen.
We all felt the wonder as we touched the Moon,
But still there was so much to know.

Now we find ourselves yearning for more,
Looking for places that we can explore.
If only we keep on searching the sky,
There is so much work to be done.

So look to the stars and the heavens above —
You'll discover things you've never dreamt of.
Keep on the watch, and never give up.
The journey has only begun.

Karl Franzen: Lead Vocals
Freyda Epstein: Violin
Kristoph Klover: Guitars
John Land: Bass
Beth Milne: French Horn
Curt Moore: Drums
Mark Ungar: Electric Sitar
Kris Yenney: Cello
St. Joseph's 2nd & 3rd Grade Choir: Chorus
(directed by Dawn Reyen)

Nguồn: thienvanhoc.org
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Now's the time to touch a star

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